Chrysler and GM have battled with bankruptcy concerns for some time now, but Ford has remained on level ground.  With certain vehicles driving the new Ford, they seem able to support themselves and stave off bankruptcy.  Why is Ford surviving as the other American automakers are struggling?

According to some internal studies conducted by Ford, there are multiple reasons why they can endure and avoid bankruptcy.  One reason, both Chrysler and GM declared bankruptcy sending buyers looking elsewhere for vehicles.  Consumer confidence in the bankrupt companies dwindled and many have since turned to Ford when purchasing a new vehicle.

Another promising thing happened that was unexpected for Ford.  The success of the Ford Fusion Hybrid brought a tremendous amount of first time Ford buyers into dealerships across the nation.  According to the statistics released by the company, 54 % of Fusion and Milan hybrid buyers have not previously owned any Ford vehicles.  Additionally, 66 % of those buyers are coming to Ford after previously owning foreign vehicles.

The numbers are very promising.  They show that Ford has both the ability to win new buyers and the ability to gain back buyers that long ago left the make and purchased foreign cars instead.

If Ford can introduce more models with similar buying result to the Fusion and Milan Hybrid, they will avoid bankruptcy, increase profit, secure future Ford buyers, and possibly surpass Honda and Toyota in the race to the top in sales in the U.S.

Who would have ever thought that one model could bring a suffering company up and lead them into a brighter future.  Ford cannot sit back idly and wait, they must produce more vehicles such as the amazing Fusion hybrid to drive customers through dealerships doors.