2010 Toyota Prius

2010 Toyota Prius

Once in a while, we cover other auto critics' reviews of the 2010 Toyota Prius. It's a major launch for the world's most popular hybrid, and it's being keenly watched by media the world over. So we like to see what they have to say.

Most reviewers are fair, explaining what they liked and what they didn't. Most nod to the unique nature of the Prius.

But once in a while, you get a reviewer who simply loathes the whole concept of the 2010 Toyota Prius. He doesn't like the car, its looks, the driving experience, the interior, the instruments...and he clearly despises the people who might consider actually buying one.

Such is the case with Jay Shoemaker of the website grandly known as "The Truth About Cars". Given its customary cranky, dyspeptic tone, there turn out to be many, many things automotive that the self-proclaimed "Truth" dislikes.

Sometimes they don't like them a little, and often they don't like them a whole lot. Enter the 2010 Toyota Prius.

Mr. Shoemaker hardly beats around the bush. His third sentence: If Ralph Nader had been an engineer, this is the car he would have designed, a vehicle for people who loathe automobiles.

He goes on: I was ... entombed in the resin chamber that passes for an automobile interior.

And on: The 2010 Prius’ ergonomics were designed for only two kinds of creatures: those who like to sit five inches back from the front windshield and orangutans.

And on: The driving experience was engineered by faeries. (Golly, would that be chief engineer Akihiko Otsuka?)

And on: I would rather visit my dentist than drive the Prius again.

And so forth. You get the idea. He did admit to liking one thing: "the serenity of the ride quality". Otherwise? Hated it.

His closing thoughts: The Prius is the anti-car and no manner of sport package or aftermarket modification can transmogrify the eco-worrier [sic] into anything resembling an automobile. The 2010 Prius needs a new moniker like, “personal vehicular transportation module,” or something similar. It just doesn’t meet my definition of an automobile.

It's almost fun to read such blind vitriol from someone who so clearly still longs for the good old days.  You know, back before all those namby-pamby emissions controls, when V8s still ruled the world, and only Communists and hippies drove furrin cars.

Ah yes. Bye-bye, Mr. Shoemaker. Society is leaving you behind. So sad to be all alone in the world.

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2010 Toyota Prius

2010 Toyota Prius

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