Florida Toyota dealer Earl Stewart hopes to have driver Rick Kearney pilot a modified plug-in Prius on a 1,100 mile trip on a single tank of gas.

The journey began in Florida and will end in Washington, D.C.  At 1,100 miles, the plug-in Prius will need to hit the mark of 92.4 mpg for the trip.  With only 11.9 gallons of gas on board, many are skeptical that this trip can be accomplished.  But wait just a minute and you'll find out how.

This particular Prius has a Hymotion Lithium battery pack on board and a plug to charge it with.  The journey will go like this, drive 40 miles, park it and charge it for awhile, drive 40 more miles and so on until the trip is complete.

This demonstration in no way mimics real world driving.  Using this method, Kearney could probably cautiously travel across the country and back without using any gas at all.  The trip might take months to account for charging time, but it could be done.

The demonstration is intended to point out that hybrid electric vehicles are well suited to the average commute of 40 miles or less in a day, Kearney intends to drive the Prius for an average commute then stop, charge, and go.  In no way does this show that a Prius plug-in, under real-world conditions, would get 1,100 miles on a tank of gas.

The event is underway as Kearney left Florida on June 1st in the Prius called the Prius-Plus Electric Green Machine.  We will update you when he completes his journey.

You can track the progress of the Green Machine by clicking here.

Source:  Earl Stewart Toyota