This morning, Dean Kamen, tireless advocate of all things science-related, and inventor of the popular Segway self-balancing scooter, introduced his one-of-a-kind 2008 DEKA Revolt, registered in his home state of New Hampshire. While it's not unusual for a car guy to register a home-made mish-mash of different vehicles, the Revolt is special because it marks the first time a Stirling engine has been used to power an electric hybrid vehicle. Made of a recycled Ford Think electric vehicle, the two-seater has a range of about 60 miles on its fully charged lithium battery.

The Stirling engine resides in the Revolt's trunk, powering such battery-draining features as the heater and defroster, and recharging the battery if it runs low. The engine makes it possible for the battery to concentrate on vehicle propulsion, meaning that the Revolt runs on pure electricity, thus producing zero harmful emissions.

So when can consumers expect to see a Revolt in she showroom? Kamen is reportedly in talks with a group of Norwegian investors and hopes to have the vehicle ready for production within two years. Until then, he has a bit of advice for his large corporate competition: embrace change, adapt, and thrive.

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