Kyle with the new 2010 Honda Insight he drives

Kyle with the new 2010 Honda Insight he drives

Very few people in the world have months of experience behind the wheel of both a Toyota Prius and the new 2010 Honda Insight.

Our 16-year-old Silicon Valley correspondent Kyle is one of those few people, and we asked him to sum up the pros and cons of the two cars.

His impressions roughly map to those of professional reviewers, but they come from the specific needs of a busy teenager who needs to get himself around, haul people and their gear, while spending as little as possible at the pump.

Here goes.

What would you want someone who's comparison-shopping to know, and how would you sum up the two cars?

When thinking about buying one car or the other, I'd tell someone that the Toyota Prius is practical, while the 2010 Honda Insight is economical but cool.  

If you're buying a car mostly for the gas mileage, buy a Prius.  

If you don't want to give up everything for good miles per gallon, then consider the new Honda Insight.

ADVANTAGE: We think it's really a tie.

The Prius wins for gas mileage and interior space, whereas the Insight takes the crown for handling, features, and that undefinable but highly important cool factor.

Kyle prefers the Insight for his needs, but other families with a different mix of requirements may prioritize room and fuel efficiency over iPod compatibility and tighter handling.

And there you have it.

As always, remember that Kyle is comparing his new 2010 Honda Insight to an older Prius. His red car is from the 2004-2009 generation that's just been replaced by the new 2010 Toyota Prius--and his impressions may not apply to the newer model.

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Now then, we wonder if we should speak to his parents about adding a 2010 Toyota Prius to the family fleet. Consider the possibilities for Kyle's next effort: a three-way comparison test ....

Our thanks to Kyle for putting up with our numerous questions and demands for photos and details. Feel free to check out Kyle's earlier coments as well:

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