Earlier this week, we posted a review by the Detroit Free Press which was as some would say overly critical of the new Honda Insight.  We have received several comments regarding the article and the vehicle, most of which were praising the Insight. 

Owners chimed in stating that their gas mileage numbers far exceed those listed by the Free Press writer Mark Phelan.  Apparently, others are upset by Phelan's review as the Free Press has now posted several reader's comments in the paper yesterday.  Many of the comments directly mimic our very own reader's thoughts so I will share them with you.

Car reviews are not always going to be positive and many times will draw criticism from readers.  Here is what some Free Press readers had to say about Phelan's review of the 2010 Honda Insight in a column title Spare Thoughts.

"The whole point of Insight wasn't to set mileage records but to be a hybrid that was affordable to everyday drivers.  If Honda to the Insight so wrong, why did Toyota go into panic mode after its release."

"You call the Insight 'bereft of new ideas' but i find ECO Assist to be nothing short of revolutionary!

"You imply that the Insight design was stolen from the Prius which is not true.  Honda stole the design from their own past designs."

"I routinely achieve better than 55mpg in my wife's 2010 Honda Insight, with my best being 66mpg for a 100 mile highway cruise.  How many Prius owners exceed the EPA ratings by that percentage."

"Honda hit the mark perfectly."

The Free Press readers agree with most of our readers here.  The Insight, is a hot.  A car designed and priced right for the average American.  Looking past certain things that allowed Honda to market the car at its low price reveals a car worthy of praise.

Let us know what you think about the responses to Phelan's review of the 2010 Honda Insight.

Source:  Detroit Free Press   Phelan's Entire Review