2009 Tesla Roadster Photo Credit: Rex Roy

2009 Tesla Roadster Photo Credit: Rex Roy

By all accounts, the Tesla Roadster is a stupendous drive. It's fast, it grips the road and it doesn't use a drop of gas. For all of this, the driver is treated to one retractable cup holder and one passenger. Got luggage? Forgedaboutit.

This green machine is intended for two things - looking awesome and driving fast. As a result, most people with a practical bone in their bodies won't buy one. That's apparently why Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, says his next electric sportscar will come with such niceties as two rear seats, significant storage space and all-wheel drive.

Musk doesn't have to look far for his inspiration. He drives a 911 Turbo which has all of the aforementioned goodies.

This future Tesla model sounds superb. Price it at about $35,000 and put me on the waiting list. (How long is the waiting list for a car that has barely been conceived of?)

Source: WebRidesTV