Euro-spec Volkswagen Golf TDI - 5/09

Euro-spec Volkswagen Golf TDI - 5/09

The nice thing about being part of a bigger car media company is that we share resources. So we're happy to report that our intrepid road-test wrangler, Bengt Halvorson, has just driven the new and eagerly awaited 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI.

Errrr ... well ... sorta.

Actually VW teased Bengt by giving him a European version to drive, which has various equipment differences compared to the one we'll see here in the States.

Not to mention that Bengt's ride had a mileage readout apparently calibrated in Imperial gallons, which are 25% larger than US gallons, giving it a mileage readout over 50 miles per gallon in about 20 miles of urban driving.

Knock that down to roughly 42 miles per US gallon, and we'd still say it's pretty good. And VW diesels often exceed their EPA ratings, so we think that 42 mpg is a realistic figure. Gee, just the same as the 42-MPG standard for 2016 introduced by President Obama.

We've already said we think the 2010 Golf TDI may be diesel's big winner, since it's affordable, handles nicely, and there are loads of VW diesel fans ready to replace their aging oil-burners.  Plus VW is cuing up a big marketing push with the TDI Truth or Dare program.

Bengt's take on the Golf TDI? Inside, he said, the driving position has improved, and the interior has been simplified in layout yet upgraded in terms of materials; most noteworthy was the plush, grippy seat fabric.

As for handling, the electric power steering feels like the ratio was quickened, and the car felt "tossable and responsive."

All in all, Bengt's review left us even more eager to get our hands on the real deal: a US version of the 2010 Golf TDI. We'll let you know as soon as it happens. Meanwhile, we think this is a good omen


Euro-spec Volkswagen Golf TDI - 5/09

Euro-spec Volkswagen Golf TDI - 5/09