According to officials at Nissan, their upcoming EV will be a "real" car.

Nissan's EV is still unnamed at this point.  But Nissan promises that it will be a "real" car.  What makes it a real car?  According to Nissan, it will be about the size of the Nissan Sentra, will seat five people in comfort, and carry a price tag close to a traditional mid size sedan.

Nissan is not very specific about the vehicle yet, but keep offering some small clues towards what we should expect from their upcoming EV.  The EV is slated for late 2010.

According to Nissan's vice president of product planning Larry Dominique speaking of the EV, "This has to be everything anybody has come to expectr of an internal combustion engine car.  That includes keeping the cost of the vehicle in line, as Nissan's research shows 80% of consumers want to buy "green" but won't do so if they have to pay a premium."

If they come to market in the $25,000 range, you can factor in the $7,500 federal tax credit and get a realistic price considerably under $20,000.  Nissan admits that they will not make a profit on the EV, but the vehicle has to be made to one day make EVs profitable and mainstream.

Nissan's EV will be much larger than most current EVs and those expected to reach the market soon including the MiniEV and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.  Nissan hopes that consumers will buy their EV as an everyday car for a family of five and not as a second car as the two listed above are intended to be.

Source:  Wards Auto