David Letterman's take on the upcoming Chevy Volt has sparked a lot of dislike towards him.  Letterman, last Wednesday on the Late Show, dismissed the Volt and the Voltec technology and in general expressed his dislike for the entire project.

As expected, his words brought out a lot of critics.  But perhaps the biggest critique to voice his opinion towards Letterman is none other than the car guru himself Bob Lutz.  Lutz is currently vice chairman at GM and a huge supporter of the Chevy Volt.

Lutz responded to Letterman critique on GM's Fastlane Blog.  Lutz called Letterman's interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a "stupid human trick."  In the interview, Letterman knocked electric cars in general and focused much of his talk around the Chevy Volt.

According to Lutz, GM workers are not happy with Letterman.  They are further upset because Letterman failed to even accurately describe the technology of the Volt.  According to Letterman, the Volt has a 40 mile range and that's it.  But we all know that the Volt is capable of 40 miles on electricity only before its gasoline engine kicks in to keep you going.

It's hard to take Letterman seriously when he doesn't even understand the vehicle that he is talking about.  However, Lutz challenged him because of some of the comments he made.  Lutz asked Letterman to come and drive the Volt, and that he would happily appear on the show to straighten out the situation.

In closing Lutz took a shot at Letterman's lack of knowledge regarding the Volt by saying, "Perhaps if we'd hired Drew Barrymore to be the spokesperson for the vehicle we'd have commanded more of his attention."

Source:  Fastlane Blog General Motors