A few weeks back,  Bob Lutz took to the stage at the Late Show with David Letterman.  His appearance was much anticipated as there was an uproar last time when Letterman invited Tesla CEO Elon Musk on the show.  Read about it here (Letterman Rips on Volt and Tesla CEO Elon Musk)

Letterman could not back down from the challenge presented by Lutz and agreed to have him appear.  In typical Lutz fashion, he controlled the stage.

The conversation was civil and Lutz went on to praise Tesla for how far they have come.

Then the attention turned to the Chevy Volt.  The previous bashing from Letterman was no longer there.  Letterman at least partially retracted a false statement he had made about the vehicle and its range and asked to be first in line for the Volt when its runs off of the production line.

Letterman corrected the wrongdoing that he committed a few weeks prior with Musk on stage and in a small way apologized for his lack of knowledge that he had displayed on stage that night.

Letterman's request to be first for the first Volt will likely be denied as Lutz stated that several others are already in line for the in front of him.

So who could possibly be in front of the famed Letterman? Presented below is a list of the possible six or seven others that we think could bump Letterman back in line. 

First, The current GM CEO at the date of the release of the Volt, the CEO could change from now until the release of the Volt.

Second, Bob Lutz

Third, Jay Leno. He owns nearly every important, industry changing vehicle ever made.

Fourth, Lyle Dennis. Our own editor in chief and founder of GM-Volt.com, a website that is partially credited for GM giving the Volt a green light.

Fifth, President Obama. The Volt would be given as a valid gesture though Obama has admitted that he doesn't see the Volt as the answer to GM's woes.

Sixth, A selected audience member on Oprah's talk show.  She has connections everywhere and this would create a lot of hype.

Seventh, A national drawing or raffle winner.  Visitor's to showrooms will enter their name in a drawing and one winner will be selected.  This will bring millions into desperate GM dealerships throughout the U.S.

Eigth, David Letterman.  He will get his Volt, but this eight spot will likely upset him.

If you have any suggestions or would like to create your own list, please comment and provide your own list.  We want to know what you think.  We will have to wait and see who gets the first Volt's that run off the line, but the wait is not long anymore.

Source:  YouTube Video