GM and Daewoo's combined efforts on next generation cars comes together in a group they refer to GMDAT.  Their combined efforts were shown at the Seoul Auto Show.

The Chevy Volt along with a production version of the upcoming Chevrolet Spark was front and center at the show as part of a launch of 21 vehicles at the Seoul Auto Show.  GM combined with Daewoo to form a group they called GMDAT for short, or GM Daewoo Auto and Technology Company.

GMDAT sees the Volt and Spark (next generation Matiz and not an electric car at this point) as the heart and soul of General Motors.  According to a GMDAT spokesman, "The next generation Matiz (Spark for U.S. market) and Volt represent nothing short of the future that General Motors and GM Daewoo are pursuing." 

Additionally, GMDAT vice president Rick Labelle stated, "We'll launch the new Matiz in the later summer or early fall and begin exporting the Chevrolet Spark early in 2010.  We haven't made our targets for this new vehicle public, but we're very confident that we'll have great success."

GMDAT will work to bring exciting new vehicles to both the U.S. market and the Korean market.  GM expects the joint venture between the groups to help contribute to the long term success of both GM and Daewoo and provide a higher sales volume for electric cars, hybrids, and mini cars.

Source:  Wards Auto