A test fleet of the upcoming Chevrolet Volt will be released in the South Korean market in 2011.  

Through GM Daewoo Auto and Technology Co., GM plans to introduce 10 Chevy Volts to South Korea as part of a product demonstration and feasibility program.

The Chevy Volt was on display at the auto show in Seoul, South Korea last month as a way to introduce the vehicle to Korean consumers.  GM has decided to get further feedback on the Volt through the eyes of the South Korean market by exporting 10 Chevy Volts for test demonstration in South Korea by 2011.

GM will use feedback from the test fleet to determine if an electric car market is viable in South Korea.  GM will make 10 Volts available for fleet use only for testing purposes.

According to a spokesman for GM Daewoo, "Operation of the extended-range electric Volt on local roads will create an important starting point for the commercialization of electric vehicles in Korea."

Source:  Wards Auto