Last Saturday, Tesla Motors delivered vehicle number 250 to customer Dr. Rob Wilder.  Dr. Wilder fits the image of the ideal Tesla customer. 

Dr. Wilder of Encinitas, California is a pioner in energy efficient and zero carbon solutions.  He is responsible  for creating the first index on wall street for energy efficiency and zero carbon solutions.  Dr. Wilder charges his Tesla from his own array of solar panels at his home and picked out the color of "very orange"  for his Tesla to indicate the car's connection with the suns energy.

Dr. Wilder, Ceo of WilderShares LLC and manager of WilderHill Clean Energy Index had this to say about his new Tesla purchase, "This car is an elegant solution to some of the world's most difficult problems.  And buying it is helping push along the EV adoption generally because Tesla is investing the money in lower-priced cars down the line."

Currently, Tesla is producing 20 roadsters per week with an increase in production this summer that will lead to 30 roadsters per week.  The waiting list for the Tesla Roadster is long, over 1,000 are in line for the vehicle which is sold out through at least October.  The Tesla Roadster stands alone as the only highway capable production electric vehicle on the market in the U.S. or Europe.

 In other news, Tesla Motors announced an update for their Model S.   The Model S sedan prototype will be unveiled at the Tesla Design Studio inside the SpaceX rocket factory in Hawthorne, California.  The Model S is expected to go into production in the later part of 2011 with a base price of $57,400.  More information will be available regarding the Model S after the unveiling on March 26th.

Other recent announcements surrounding Tesla Motors have been reported previously on our site.  The announcements include Tesla's plans to open a center in the Chicago area to facilitate sales and service in the Midwest area.  The facility is expected to open this spring.  Further expansion from Tesla includes sites expected in London, Manhattan, Miami, Seattle, Washington D.C. and Germany.

With the recent expansion of Tesla Motors, they announced earlier this month that their vehicles would be available for sale in Canada.  Sales of the Tesla Roadster are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of this year throughout Canada. 

Look for more exciting new about Tesla and the new Model S in the near future.  Official photos and additional information regarding the Tesla Model S will be available on our site after the unveiling.

Source:  Tesla Motors