As the Melbourne Auto Show draws to a close today, several premiers are still news worthy.  Toyota premiered the Toyota Camry Hybrid Concept called the HC-CV.  This concept closely hints at what the production version will look like when Toyota starts production early next year.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid HC-CV concept was designed at Toyota Motor Corp. Australia Ltd.  After designing the concept car in house, the Australian branch of Toyota will be awarded the right to make the production version of the Camry Hybrid slated for production one year from now.

According to Toyota, this concept car is their most important vehicle on display in Melbourne.  The Toyota Camry Hybrid concept is making its world premiere in Melbourne in part because it was designed in Australia.

According to Toyota Australia president, Meo Yasuda, "The Camry Hybrid, which will share some key deisgn features with the HC-CV, will play a key role in bringing the future to the Australian manufacturing sector."

The HC-CV shares similar styling to other Toyota hybrid vehicles.  A streamlined appearance, sharp lines, large intake openings, and an aerodynamic upper grill are trademarks of most Toyota hybrid designs and are shared with the HC-CV.  Toyota points to forms found in nature and serene details that create a calm feeling for the vehicle.

Look for production of the Hybrid Camry to start next year and sales to follow shortly after.

Source:  Toyota