The Chrysler 200C EV Concept, along with the Dodge Circuit EV Concept, will make their European debuts at the 79th Geneva Motor Show in March.

“Our goal is to provide creative solutions to the challenges that our customers face around the globe,” said Michael Manley, Executive Vice President – International Sales and Global Product Planning Operations, Chrysler LLC. “We’ve made electric vehicles the primary path to developing clean vehicles for all our product lines. We will produce at least one of these vehicles for North American markets in 2010 and for European markets after 2010.”

The Circuit and 200C Concepts join a growing number of electric vehicles in the Chrysler ENVI line-up (taken from the first four letters of the word "environment"), with offerings from the Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep brands. The 200C boasts a range of 64 km in pure electric mode, with an extended range of over 640 km. The Circuit offers a range between 240 and 322 km with zero tailpipe emissions and without using a drop of fossil fuels.

Chrysler plans to apply its ENVI electric-drive technology to each of its brands, and, as reported in Motor Matters, plans to use this set of technologies to put 500,000 of their electric vehicles on the road by 2013.

Source: Chrysler, helenair