Subaru Stella

Subaru Stella

Fuji Heavy Industries, the parent company of Subaru, set a goal to sell 100 Stella EVs. Today, they say that goal will be surpassed:

Inquiries have already been received for “several hundred” Plug-In Stellas, according to an official at the maker of Subaru cars. Sales of the vehicle, an upgrade to the Stella minicar, will begin this summer to corporate customers and the public sector. Businesses and regional governments seeking to promote their environmental friendliness are apparently showing a high level of interest.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. plans to lease 50 Plug-In Stellas in fiscal 2009 for its sales activities in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture. Car Sharing Japan Co., a Mitsui & Co. subsidiary that recently began service in Tokyo, will add the electric car to its fleet as well. The Japan Post group is also considering using the vehicle.

The Stella EV will combine the Stella minicar platform with the electric drivetrain powering the Subaru R1e. The R1e battery pack is comprised of lithium manganese oxide spinel, which makes it stable and allows it to be charged quickly and partially without losing memory. The 346V battery pack in the R1e can be charged to 80% of total capacity in 15 minutes.

The plug-in Stella has a maximum range of 50 miles per charge and a top speed of 62 miles per hour. It has room for four and is driven by a 40 kW motor electric motor. Styling is Scion xB-esque with a cheeky grin. If only this technology could be applied to the WRX.

Source: Green Car Congress, Image: Wikipedia