2009 Nissan Cube

2009 Nissan Cube

Nissan's redheaded stepchild of the Scion xB, called the Cube, will be at the test ride section of the Kanagawa Electric Vehicle Festa this weekend, in EV prototype form.  This will give the general public an opportunity to experience the car first hand for the first time.

The prototype is front wheel drive and it's powered by a new 80 kW electric motor. Compact lithium-ion batteries under the floor store the power for the little car.

Although Nissan has publicly committed to a production ready EV by 2010, that vehicle will not be the EV Cube. Nissan says that the real thing will have its own body style, unlike any of their current models.

Regardless, this weekend's attraction gives the Japanese (and anyone else who happens to be near Yokohama Akarenga Park) an opportunity to sample the EV technology being developed for the cars of the future.

Source: Nissan