Panasonic plans to display their "High Definition Power Line Communication" (HD-PLC) at this year's Consumer Electronics Show and an electric car will take center stage. HD-PLC will be used to demonstrate the integration of your future electric car into your home network.

While the car is charging from a standard AC outlet in the garage, it will be linked to an intercom system at the home's front door. Using the car's onboard cameras, the owner will be able to monitor the charging status and any other happenings within the camera's range from inside the house. This would theoretically make the owner aware of those nefarious EV thieves. Using HD-PLCs authentication process could protect your outside outlets from power burgalars as well.

The benefits could go beyond security. Earth Times is reporting that the system can transmit music and the rest of your relevant data from your network to the car.

According to HD-PLC magazine, the cords that are currently built into a vehicle for transmitting and receiving data could eventually be replaced with the more compact HD-PLC system, reducing vehicle weight and improving fuel economy (which should already be pretty good in a plug-in hybrid or all electric car).

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