Toyota iQ EV

  • 2013 Scion iQ EV hits the U.S.

    It may not be going on sale, but Scion's iQ EV has now arrived in the U.S, following the first production cars leaving the line in September. Toyota killed plans to sell the iQ EV earlier this year, but promised a limited run of the four-seat, 50-mile electric car would still hit U.S. shores. Around 90 cars will be made available for fleets, car-sharing programs and campus use. Most efficient EV The 2013 Scion iQ EV uses a 12 kWh battery with maximum efficiency of 24 kWh per 100 miles--enough for an EPA city rating of 138 MPGe. Combined, it achieves 121 MPGe, ousting the 2013 Honda Fit...

  • Toyota iQ EV electric car at 2012 Paris Auto Show
    Toyota iQ EV: The Electric Car You'll Never See (Live Photos)

    When a major automaker introduces a new electric car, you'd expect a major event with plenty of hoopla. But at last week's Paris Auto Show, the Toyota iQ EV--a battery electric conversion of the minicar it sells in the States as the Scion iQ--was pretty much ignored by Toyota executives. Instead...

  • 2009 Toyota FT-EV II
    Toyota Kills Tiny Two-Seat Electric Car It Doesn't Believe In

    We've been subjected to a spate of dire headlines today covering Toyota's statement that it's killing plans for its eQ two-seat urban electric-car program. Reuters reported, "Toyota drops plans for widespread sales of electric car," which is at least an accurate headline. Some seem to take a "sky...

  • 2010 Toyota Prius
    You’ve Got a Friend in Me: Toyota’s Electric Car Social Media Network

    Any press relations firm will tell you that in the modern world companies need an active Internet and social media presence in order to best sell a product, but what if you could go one step further and create your own social media network? That’s exactly what Toyota is planning, with the...

  • Aston Martin Cygnet Launch Edition
    Aston Martin Cygnet Edges Towards Reality, Electrifies Spies

    Every self-respecting spy need the latest gadgets to keep them safe, suave and sexy. But while James Bond would be nothing without the technological prowess of Q, his favorite brand of automobiles looks to be turning its attention towards its own electric wizardry in the form of the all-electric...

  • Opel Ampera Prototype
    2011 Geneva Auto Show: Electric Car Preview

    It’s the end of February, which means that winter is almost over for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and Geneva’s prestigious autoshow is just days away. This year we’ve been given unprecedented access to many of the cars due to debut at this year’s show, but in case...

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