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    Even oil companies have begun to realize the future will not be nearly as reliant on fossil fuels, and Royal Dutch Shell is moving to safeguard its future business. The Dutch oil company acquired NewMotion, an electric-car charging station firm, for an undisclosed price. DON'T MISS: Shell fuel stations in U.K., Netherlands to add electric-car charging NewMotion, also based in the Netherlands, has more than 30,000 electric-car charging stations in Europe, according to CNN. The company specializes in converting normal parking spaces into charging points for electric cars. Shell called the...

  • Shell fuel station in Europe
    Shell bashes bans on gasoline cars, proposes carbon pricing instead

    The prospect of bans on gasoline and diesel new-car sales have become a much greater threat not only to automakers but to oil companies as well, now that China has said it is studying such a move. The world's largest car market has not announced any timetables for such a ban, which will likely be...

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    Shell hedges bets, adds hydrogen fuel to 1st U.K. station

    Anticipating a possible decrease in fossil-fuel consumption from the mass deployment of zero-emission vehicles, one of the world's largest oil companies is hedging its bets. Royal Dutch Shell is becoming increasingly involved in hydrogen fueling infrastructure, which will be needed if fuel-cell...

  • Shell fuel station in Europe
    Which oil companies invest in renewables, electric-car services?

    If electric cars are adopted by mass-market buyers in years to come, that will lead over time to notably lower oil consumption. So what are oil companies doing to prepare for that possible outcome? Some continue to doubt whether electric cars will constitute a serious threat to their business in...

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    Shell fuel stations in U.K., Netherlands to add electric-car charging

    Electric cars are often touted as a way to avoid gas stations. But electric-car drivers in certain European countries will soon be going to them to charge. That's because a pair of European oil companies plan to add electric-car charging at certain fuel stations. CHECK OUT: Electric-Car Charging...

  • Oil field (Image: Flickr user johnny choura, used under CC license)
    Global oil demand could peak by 2020, says Shell

    Shell predicts global oil demand could be close to peaking.

  • Shell Concept Car

    The Shell concept car was designed by Gordon Murray, in collaboration with engine specialist Osamu Goto.

  • Slide from 'The Future of Transport: Challenging Perceptions,' Shell Oil presentations, Apr 2015
    How Shell Oil Sees The Future Of Energy And Vehicle Fuels In 2050

    It's always good to understand how the huge global energy industry views the worlds of today and tomorrow. At last month's Shell Eco-Marathon fuel-efficiency competition, sponsor Shell Oil provided seminars for attending journalists to explain how the company views the energy landscape from now...

  • Student team vehicles at the 2015 Shell Eco Marathon Americas
    Shell Eco Marathon: Why Odd Cars Built By Students Matter

    Many of the cars are more like enclosed bicycles, and virtually none of them could operate on public roads or highways. But the Shell Eco-Marathon offers some useful lessons for the more than 100 high-school and college teams that compete in it--many of them having little to do with the cars...

  • Gordon Murray
    Shell Project M Concept City Car: Huge Efficiency Gains Possible, Designer Gordon Murray Says

    Famed car designer Gordon Murray will team up with former Honda engine specialist Osamu Goto and oil company Shell to develop a concept for "an ultra-compact, efficient car for city use based around the internal combustion engine." It's not intended for production. Instead, the project's ambitions...

  • John and Helen Taylor depart on the Smarter Driving Tour. Image: Shell
    When Will The Last Gasoline Car Be Built? 2070, Shell Oil Says

    The disappearance of internal-combustion engines is far from inevitable today, but several groups and governments are now predicting when the last gasoline vehicles will be sold. The latest prediction comes from a particularly unlikely source: Shell Oil Company, one of the largest petroleum...

  • BMW ActiveE electric car, January 2012, New Jersey
    Will Electric Cars Become Popular? BP, Exxon Remain Skeptical

    President Obama might see a bright future for electric cars in the United States, but not everyone shares his positive outlook. Unsurprisingly, oil giants BP and Exxon are among them. In a report released last month, BP outlined data which suggests that electric cars will only account for 4 percent...

  • John and Helen Taylor depart on the Smarter Driving Tour. Image: Shell

    You might remember a few weeks ago we brought you news of Australian couple John and Helen Taylor. Rather than enjoying the usual trappings of tourism, the Taylors wanted to break their own 48-U.S.-state hypermiling record, previously set in a 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI at 67 mpg over 9,505 miles. Their weapon of choice for the new challenge? A 2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco. With a 138-horsepower 1.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine and a six speed manual transmission, the Cruze Eco is rated at 42 mpg highway, so the Taylors would have their work cut out to beat the diesel Jetta. Nevertheless...

  • London Taxi
    British Cabbies Get Friendly, Join Social Network For Eco-Driving

    Take a trip to England and at some point you’re likely to sit in the back of a London taxi cab. Just as famous as its New York counterpart, the London taxi cab is known for its tight turning circle, iconic shape and the scores of native Cockney ‘cabbies’ which pilot them. But if...

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