• 2020 Tesla Roadster

    What's old is new again. The Tesla Roadster is back, company CEO Elon Musk revealed Thursday night at a special event in California. Forget about the old, Lotus-derived Roadster. This latest 2020 Tesla Roadster is shapely, sprints from 0-60 mph in just 1.9 seconds, 0-100 mph in 4.2 seconds, and boasts a 620-mile range. CHECK OUT: Tesla Semi: 500-mile range, lower running costs than diesel... and it's fast Musk says that the new Tesla Roadster has a top speed greater than 250 mph, which would make it among the fastest road-legal cars ever built. Tesla says the Roadster is capable of running...

  • 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata live photos
    2016 Mazda Miata: Sexy New Roadster Highlights Low Sales Of Two-Seat Cars

    The Mazda MX-5, formerly Miata, holds a Guinness World Record as the highest-selling two-seater sports car in history. More than 940,000 MX-5s have been made since 1989, and the new 2016 MX-5 has just made its debut. Despite those impressive sales numbers though, the MX-5 is actually the perfect...

  • 2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5
    After Model X, Tesla To Sell Cheaper Electric; 2015 Roadster To Follow

    Tesla's upcoming product plans seem designed for maximum stability, so don't expect to see a new Roadster until after the launch of Tesla's affordable Gen 3 car.

  • 2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5
    CEO Musk: 2011 Tesla Roadster Electric Sports Cars Are Gone, Almost

    The Tesla Roadster hasn't been front-page news for electric cars in a while, now that several mass-market family electric cars have launched. So as Tesla moves its focus to the upcoming Model S electric sedan, production of its first electric model is beginning to wind down as planned, so supplies...

  • 2011 BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept
    BMW Reveals All-Electric Vision ConnectedDrive Concept

    BMW is going to great lengths to show that electric cars can look good as well as just being green, revealing today its new Vision ConnectedDrive zero-emission roadster concept ahead of its world debut next month at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The automaker doesn’t go into detail as to what...

  • Epic Electric Vehicles Torq Roadster
    Epic Electric Vehicles Unveils New Torq Roadster

    Epic Electric Vehicles is a little known company based in the U.S. that manufactures all sorts of electric modes of transport including boats, ATVs and now street-legal roadsters. The company’s latest effort is the new Torq three-wheeler, which kind of looks like an edgier, stripped down...

  • Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk with Tesla Roadster

    As predicted, Tesla Motors posted higher losses for the second quarter during its earnings announcement today — its first as a public company. The electric vehicle maker says it brought in $28.4 million revenue, but lost $38.5 million ($5.04 a share), up from the $29.5 million lost last quarter and $10.8 million last year. Considering that the Palo Alto, Calif. company just purchased a major automotive plant in Fremont, Calif. for $42 million and is scaling up development of its Model S sedan, the loss was expected. The company cites its 5.4 percent growth in revenue for the quarter (ended...

  • Tesla Roadster final assembly, Menlo Park, California, April 2009
    Toyota Already Building a Car To Test Tesla's Battery, It Says

    One of the many unknowns about Toyota's partnership with Tesla was whether it would result in a jointly produced car. That won't be known for many months yet, but Toyota has already taken a first step: It's building Tesla's battery into a test car so it can compare the Silicon Valley startup's...

  • Tesla Roadster 2.5
    2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5: New Looks, Wheels, Seats, Less Noise

    Tesla's on a roll, it seems. Two days after its successful public stock offering, the company has released details of the latest updates to its Roadster electric sports car--known as "Roadster 2.5" after software-release numbering. The 2.5 version sports some new styling at front and rear...

  • Tesla Roadster NYC
    Tesla Building Next-Gen Roadster Completely In-House

    Today was a big day for Tesla, with the company’s shares finally trading on Nasdaq and investors pouring in more than $226 million into its coffers. As with any major Wall Street listing, Tesla needed to submit an IPO filing to the SEC detailing its structure, future plans and just exactly where...

  • Mike Donoughe
    Tesla Engineering and Manufacturing Chief Resigns

    The revolving door of Tesla Motors leadership keeps turning. Today, executive vice president of vehicle engineering and manufacturing, Mike Donoughe, is calling it quits, just over a year after he started the job. Formerly employed by Chrysler, Donoughe was charged with overseeing engineering...

  • Tesla Roadster NYC
    Tesla Recalls 345 Roadsters

    It's official. Tesla is a legitimate automaker. The electric car company is recalling 345 Roadsters because of an under-torqued rear hub flange bolt, which could become loose, resulting in poor handling and a rubbing noise from the back of the vehicle. The other possible consequence of this loose...

  • 2009 Tesla Roadster, Skyline Boulevard, San Mateo, CA

    The faster and harder you drive the Tesla Roadster, the lower its range gets. Shock, surprise!

  • 2008 Tesla Roadster
    Tesla Roadsters Taking In The Oscars

      Inside Line is reporting that several big-name Hollywood stars are expected to drive their Tesla Roadsters to this Sunday's Academy Awards. Among the names mentioned are George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, who is up for best actor in a leading role in The Curious Case...

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