It's official. Tesla is a legitimate automaker. The electric car company is recalling 345 Roadsters because of an under-torqued rear hub flange bolt, which could become loose, resulting in poor handling and a rubbing noise from the back of the vehicle. The other possible consequence of this loose bolt according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is loss of control of the vehicle, leading to a crash. Cue the dramatic music.

The recall affects cars manufactured between March of 2008 and April 22, 2009. Before all 345 of you prepare to bring your car to the local Tesla dealership (you won't make it on a single charge anyway unless you live within 244 miles of Menlo Park or West L.A.) remember that you can afford a Tesla Roadster, and by right, are deserving of some pampering.

With that in mind, Tesla tells the Green Car Advisor that their technicians will be making house calls to tighten said bolt, perform a full vehicle inspection and upgrade the car's software for free. Some ribbing of the Brits assembling the Roadsters in the Lotus factory in Hethel England is sure to ensue.

Tesla spokesperson, Rachel Konrad assures us that, "This has nothing to do with Tesla's powertrain or intellectual property whatsoever." Phew.