Suppose your beloved walked into the garage this morning and found the car covered in pink hearts and declarations of love.

That'd be a pretty impressive Valentine's Day gift, right?

Well, start your planning for next year, 'cause this one will take more than a last-minute dash to the florist and the card store.

Smart USA, which sells the 2011 Smart ForTwo minicar, has offered a variety of graphic car wraps since last summer.

For Valentine's Day, they've added six new, love-themed wraps. Our favorite, shown here, is the one called "heartthrob," but you can also choose a winged heart, simpler "I Love You" or "Wrapped In Love" type treatments, and some rather more abstract graphics.

The only challenge? You or your beloved will have to own a Smart ForTwo.

Car-sharing or rental services won't be likely to view your Valentine in quite such a loving light if they have to scrape it off their car.

Besides, what kind of impression would it leave if your Valentine's Day gift had to be returned to a garage by 9 am tomorrow?

[Smart USA]


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