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  • Oil field (Image: Flickr user johnny choura, used under CC license)

    Efforts to loosen regulations on the oil industry now underway have met with public approval from fossil-fuel companies. But while the Trump administration has moved swiftly to create a more friendly regulatory environment for big oil, some executives have urged a slowdown behind the scenes. That's not for environmental reasons, but due to worries over the possibility of major public backlash should another major incident occur—one akin to the 2010 BP oil spill, perhaps. DON'T MISS: The oil industry doesn't care about electric cars: here's why While the industry welcomes relaxation or...

  • Oil well (photo by John Hill)
    Ending $4 billion U.S. oil, gas drilling subsidies would have low impact: study

    U.S. subsidies to the oil and gas industries are often a flashpoint among electric-car advocates and environmentalists. They see a conflict in the government providing billions of dollars in incentives for drilling while simultaneously attempting to lower consumption of carbon-emitting energy...

  • Tesla Model S electric-car road trip, Route 66 Museum, Elk City, Oklahoma  [photo: David Noland]
    Oil Hauler Brings Electric Cars To Heart Of Oklahoma Oil Country

    A National Drive Electric Week event will be held in Oklahoma City.

  • Oil well (photo by John Hill)
    Gas Prices To Plunge More After Oil Price Falls To 4-Year Low?

    Oil prices are at their lowest levels in four years, and retail gasoline prices are likely to follow--more or less. Thursday, while the U.S. celebrated its Thanksgiving holiday, oil prices fell 7 percent after OPEC announced it would leave production levels unchanged, according to CNN. The price of...

  • Oil well (photo by John Hill)
    California To Use 1 Billion Gallons Less Gasoline In Six Years?

    Analysts predict stricter regulations will cut California gasoline consumption.

  • Oil well (photo by John Hill)
    U.S. Demand For Oil Rose 4-5 Percent In 2013, Startling Analysts

    With increasing energy efficiency in cars, homes, and industry, plus a surge in domestic natural-gas production, U.S. demand for oil is widely said to have tapered off and in fact begun a structural decline. Except that, as it turns out, last year it seems U.S. demand for oil actually rose by...

  • Gas pump

    Over the past week or so, we’ve seen the average price of gasoline hit $3.60 per gallon of regular, with some areas of the country -- like California -- reaching a heady $4 a gallon. But while the Syrian uprising and political tensions between Iran and the West over its nuclear program are playing a small part in increasing the price you pay at the pump, energy specialists say the biggest culprit lies closer to home. In short, the U.S. isn’t refining as much gasoline as it once was. During Wednesday’s All Things Considered on NPR, Fadel Gheit, senior energy analyst at...

  • John Hofmeister, ex-president of Shell Oil, June 2010 (miscaptioned as 'Jeff')
    What Would You Do Differently If Gas Hit $5 A Gallon In 2012?

    This video clip, now six months old, has been making the rounds yesterday and today. Still, it's worth pondering. What would you do if gasoline rose to $5 a gallon in two years? How would your driving, and car buying, behavior change? Two days after the BP drilling rig blowout in the Gulf of...

  • 2010 Toyota Prius
    How Many Million Priuses Would Offset the Gulf Oil Spill?

    One million gallons a day is a lot of oil. According to estimates late last week, that could be the daily rate of oil escaping from the Deepwater Horizon well in the Gulf of Mexico. To put that number in perspective, we decided to look at what it would take to compensate just for the lost gasoline...

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