The event that started out as National Plug-In Day has now expanded into National Drive Electric Week.

Every year, advocacy group Plug-In America collaborates with the Sierra Club, the Electric Auto Association, and numerous smaller entities to host a national electric-car awareness event.

The event is comprised of many dozens of individual electric-car rallies, demonstrations, and other gatherings both in the U.S. and abroad.

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This year, one of those events will be in a somewhat unlikely locale: the heart of the oil-producing region in the United States.

Specifically, there will be an electric-car rally in Oklahoma City.

It's being organized by John Gallagher, an oil-field worker who spends most of his time hauling oil in an 18-wheeler from a well to a major pipeline.

Gallagher doesn't own an electric car, and doesn't want to be considered "anti-oil."

But after seeing the documentary Revenge of the Electric Car, he's become a strong advocate for plug-in vehicles. In a video promoting the event, he said that electric cars are "just better."

"John believes it's time to stop preaching to the choir, and we agree with him," said Zan Dubin Scott, co-founder of National Drive Electric Week and a spokesperson for Plug-In America, in a press release.

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The oil-country get-together will be held at the Paseo Arts District on Saturday, September 12.

More information on that and the many other events can be found on the National Drive Electric Week website.

Gallagher claims that he's never seen an electric car in this part of Oklahoma, but at the time of publication there were already 20 cars signed up to take part.

National Drive Electric Week 2014: Peeking under the hood in Perrysburg, OH. Photo by Michael Hall.

National Drive Electric Week 2014: Peeking under the hood in Perrysburg, OH. Photo by Michael Hall.

The list includes a Tesla Model S and a Cadillac ELR, as well as a handful of Nissan Leafs and Chevrolet Volts.

Last year, National Drive Electric Week included events in 150 cities not just in the U.S., but also Canada, Italy, and The Netherlands.

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Organizers estimated 152 individual events were held throughout the week-long September period, with over 90,000 attendees.

Meanwhile, Gallagher has extended an open invitation to Tesla CEO Elon Musk and General Motors CEO Mary Barra to make appearances with their companies' latest electric models.

Executives, the ball is in your court.


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