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  • Containers holding spent nucleat fuel [Nuclear Regulatory Commission photo]

    Pity Energy Secretary Rick Perry, the man now running the cabinet department he couldn't remember that he wanted to eliminate altogether during a notorious 2011 presidential debate. He has pulled off an unusual feat, by uniting lobbyists for fossil-fuel interests with their counterparts advocating for renewable energy. Given the ascendance of fossil fuels under numerous officials appointed by President Donald Trump, it's truly remarkable to find advocates for wind and solar on the same side of any issue as those pushing oil and gas interests. DON'T MISS: Trump DoE critiques renewables against...

  • Donald J. Trump in November 2016       [photo: The Trump Organization]
    Trump claims to 'unleash American energy' in speech full of inaccurate claims

    Shortly after announcing his intention to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, President Donald Trump declared the final week in June to be "Energy Week." In a later speech, Trump called for an energy revolution in the U.S. and vowed to "unleash American energy" to help the...

  • 2016 Toyota Mirai
    Japan wants Fukushima to be major hydrogen production center

    The Japanese government wants to promote hydrogen production in the Fukushima prefecture.

  • Cooling tower at power plant, by Flickr user Paul J Everett (Used under CC License)
    Nuclear Waste Could Offer Carbon-Free Energy, Scientists Suggest

    Scientists hope to revive an old reactor design to reinvigorate the nuclear-power industry.

  • Nissan Leaf presented to Japanese actor Isao Natsuyagi
    Nissan Leaf-Owning Actor: Electricity Good, Nuclear... Not So Much

    2011's earthquake and tsunami in Japan brought energy use into sharp focus. Such events frequently cause grids to fail, but it was the inundation and subsequent meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear facility that garnered the most attention, and the disaster has turned the public strongly against...

  • Nuclear power taining electric cars' image in Japan?
    Electric Cars' Appeal Waning In Japan After Nuclear Disaster?

    March 11, 2011 changed Japan forever. Just before 3pm local time, a magnitude 9 earthquake created a Tsunami that devastated a large region of the Eastern coast of Japan, killing thousands. It also triggered meltdowns in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, causing explosions in three...

  • Comedian Adam Carolla complains about electric cars and energy policy on Gizmodo

    As if legitimate news outlets didn't have enough trouble covering electric vehicles sensibly, now we get the comedians weighing in. Late-night talk-show host and stereotypical grumpy guy Adam Carolla recently lit into electric cars, in an interview with Gizmodo's Jason Chen in which he was invited to complain. About anything and everything. His grasp of electric car facts isn't that great, but his exaggerations are funny. In that adorable, irascible, not-very-factually-accurate kind of way. He says, for instance: Electric cars have a range of 44 miles. Well, ummm, no. Try 100 miles or more...

  • Nuclear photo by Flickr user Andrea Kirkby
    France Punishes Peasants (And Entrepreneurs) For Saving Energy

    As the saying goes, if the French didn't exit, we'd have to invent them: A nation that reveres Jerry Lewis, builds cars with single-spoke steering wheels or names like Kangoo BeBop ZE, and threatens to blow up factories if strike demands aren't met (and then changes its mind). The latest evidence...

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