Honda Brio

  • Honda Brio  -  Indonesian-market version  -  Driven, 11/2012

    It takes driving an emerging-market car like the Honda Brio—as we did briefly this past week—to understand just how much the small cars we get here in the U.S. (and Europe) have improved over the past decade or so. The five-seat Brio is about a foot shorter than the Honda Fit but about the same width. Quite simply engineered for a price, it incorporates Honda's modern Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) structure, as well as the same so-called “man maximum, machine minimum” design philosophy as the 2013 Honda Accord. But it doesn't even include standard airbags...

  • Honda Brio minicar
    Forbidden Fruit: More Information On Honda Brio Minicar

    There's something about the Honda Brio, a sub-Fit minicar now on sale in the Indian market, that really grabs our attention. Maybe it's the funky styling with its sharp creases, unusual weight and money-saving all-glass hatchback, or maybe it's the promise of 52 mpg combined economy, but either way...

  • Honda Brio prototype, introduced at the 2010 Thailand Motor Expo
    Honda Brio Global Minicar: Forbidden Fruit Gets Good Reviews

    It's one thing Honda not sending its new Brio minicar over to the United States, so economy car fans are unable to sample its 52 mpg delights. That would all be okay if we found out it was a terrible car, but unfortunately for us, the first reviews coming from overseas are singing its praises. One...

  • Daihatsu A-Concept
    Small, Fun, High-MPG Minicars, Never Coming To The U.S.

    Life is so unfair sometimes. Car companies have been dangling the carrot of smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles in front of us for a few years now and though we've managed to grab vehicles like the MINI, Honda Fit and Ford Fiesta (and the Chevrolet Spark is on the way), we're still denied many...

  • Production-spec Honda Brio minicar
    Production Honda Brio Minicar Revealed, Still Only For Asian Markets

    Last year both Honda and Mitsubishi unveiled new minicar concepts previewing their respective small car futures--Honda with the Brio Prototype and Mitsubishi with the Concept Global Small. Since then Mitsubishi has confirmed the production version of its Concept Global Small for eventual sale in...

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