2011 MINI Cooper

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    The small, seaside town of Brighton UK, some 50 miles south of London, has often been the destination for many a weary Londoner keen to take in its pebbled beaches, kitsch souvenir shops and traditional fish and chip suppers. But today it wasn't sticks of sweet sugary ‘seaside rock' candy cane or brisk sea air which drew a host of electric, hydrogen and hybrid vehicles and their drivers to Brighton. It was the 2010 Bridgestone Eco-Tour rally, a modern reverse-route reenactment of the vintage vehicle run open to pre-1906 cars that has taken place between London and Brighton for more than 100...

  • 2011 MINI Cooper John Cooper Words
    A Mini Facelift For the Popular MINI Cooper

    We Give You the Scoop On What Has Changed For 2011

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