Ford promises more hybrids but is delaying several key EVs. Are EV rejectors behind the times? And will EV sales hold up with the phaseout of incentives in Canada’s EV hotbed? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Ford has delayed its next-generation electric pickup and 3-row electric SUV, while stepping up plans to offer hybrids, in a plan detailed Thursday. The automaker says it will add hybrid “offerings” to every gas-powered model in the lineup by 2030. 

Quebec is due to start phasing out its EV purchase incentives, with the amounts decreasing beginning next January. With Canada’s federal iZEV incentive program also set to expire in March 2025, it could prove to be a test of whether the EV market in this “California of Canada” for EV policy is ready to sustain growth without incentives. 

And Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg likened EV rejectors to landline-phone Luddites in a recent Fox News interview. While he tackled anti-EV narratives effectively, underscoring that EVs are simply more efficient, it begs the question: Are tailpipes truly seen as a sign of the past, or is Buttigieg in a bubble?


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