Nissan announces a three-row electric SUV due in 2028. Genesis rolls out a large electric SUV concept and a performance GV60. CATL might be making cells for the very affordable Tesla. And why are we having our EVs charge at night if we work from home? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Nissan talked through a roadmap for a new generation of affordable EVs, plus a three-row electric SUV due in 2028, and a pivot that will include U.S.-bound hybrids and plug-in hybrids. That includes Nissan’s e-Power hybrid tech, which it confirmed for a 2026 launch, when it sees those hybrids as being at cost parity with non-hybrids. 

Genesis has revealed its Neolun Concept electric SUV, which previews the upcoming flagship Genesis GV90 with a lounge-like interior and technology that includes radiant cabin heating. And it confirmed a go-fast version of the GV60, called the GV60 Magma Concept, as production-bound and part of a whole family of Magma performance variants. 

EVs are as clean as the grid from which they charge—and sometimes that can vary significantly by time of day. As Bloomberg New Energy Finance recently helped examine and underscore, that advice to plug in at night might be misguided. In many places, daytime EV charging is cleaner as utilities load up on renewables like solar.

And is the China-based battery supplier CATL working to make fast-charging LFP battery cells for the $25,000 Tesla? Comments recently made by CATL’s CEO suggest that’s a possibility. 


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