Shoppers are wondering about carbon footprint, but answers are cloudy. Streetside charging plans advance in Britain ahead of a policy backtrack. And we round up all the EV brands planning to tap into the Tesla Supercharger network and make the switch to NACS. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

A growing portion of shoppers are concerned about the carbon footprint of EVs, beyond simply that they have no tailpipe emissions, according to a survey from Ipsos—with battery production seemingly at the core of those concerns. The results emphasize that automakers need to focus on education as well as creating a sustainable EV supply chain. 

Prior to the announcement that the U.K. would seek to delay policy shifting exclusively to plug-in vehicles to 2035 rather than 2030, the Shell-owned charging network Ubitricity announced the installation of 1,050 streetside public EV chargers. These 5-kw Level 2 sockets will all be part of the firm’s lamppost charging project. 

And which upcoming EV brands are switching to the Tesla NACS charge port? Green Car Reports rounded them all up—and noted that there remain some holdouts, as well as some puzzling early commitments. But perhaps it will all make sense with the rollout of the Cybertruck and the yet-unnamed charging network from seven automakers.


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