Ford lowers EV expectations this year. The base $45,000 Blazer EV isn’t arriving. And how will Volvo manage to deliver an EV at the $35,000 Tesla struggled with? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Chevrolet has dropped plans for a $44,995 Blazer EV 1LT version, the company revealed to Green Car Reports Monday. Although with a base $30,000 Equinox EV still on the way next year, plus a revamped Bolt EV lineup due later, it hailed a range of affordable EV options. 

Ford announced as part of a quarterly financial update that it’s lowered its global EV production targets for this year. Its target of an annualized 600,000 EVs won’t happen at the end of 2023 as originally planned but instead sometime in 2024. Ford CEO Jim Farley pointed to shoppers’ price expectations as part of the issue. 

And how is the Volvo EX30 EV, with its range of 275 miles, quick acceleration, and leading edge cabin and safety tech possible for the same starting price of $35,000 that gave Tesla employees anxiety? The answer is China, and federal funds provided through the EV leasing loophole will nearly offset tariffs applied to this China-built vehicle. Is it a new template for global automakers and affordable EVs?


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