Tesla faces a scandal over range and how it addressed consumer complaints. Lordstown has to face Karma first. And Porsche looks beyond 350-kw connectors for at least one future EV. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.


In a first look at its lounge-like road-trip fast-charging stations, Porsche revealed that future Porsche EVs may tap into 400-kw DC fast-charging—or something close to it. Let the guessing start on which vehicle that might be, although it’s likely the brand’s upcoming Boxster-inspired electric sports car or 900-volt Mission X concept, should it be production-bound. 

Tesla has allegedly been suppressing complaints over EV driving range, according to a Reuters report published on Thursday. The report, citing anonymous sources, claims that Tesla’s range projections are exaggerated, under the direction of CEO Elon Musk, and that a company effort aimed to cancel range-related service appointments. 

And Ohio-based Lordstown Motors, which aimed to build the fleet-focused Endurance electric truck but is now filing for bankruptcy, has been told that it needs to face a lawsuit from California’s Karma first, over allegations of the theft of intellectual property, trade secrets, and poached employees.


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