A joint venture between Renault and Geely appears to target Toyota’s juggernaut. Toyota hopes to edge closer to hydrogen fuel-cell profitability this decade—infrastructure aside. And there’s F-150 Lightning pricing news, and it’s not another price hike. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Ford is reportedly offering a $1,500 discount on the 2023 F-150 Lightning in some regions. That’s after a series of price hikes that leave it costing nearly 50% higher, in its base Lightning Pro version, than it originally did for 2022. 

A $7.7 billion joint venture between Renault and Volvo and Polestar parent Geely appears to be taking on Toyota for hybrid supremacy. Potentially also involving the oil company Aramco, it "aims to become the leader in next-generation hybrid and highly efficient powertrain solutions to meet worldwide demand for the years to come."

Meanwhile, Toyota is shifting its hydrogen fuel-cell attention toward Europe and China—in addition to the U.S.—as it targets cost reductions and even profitability for the tech. It’s now seeking to get fuel-cell systems into 100,000 vehicles annually by 2030. _______________________________________

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