California might require bidirectional charging. Utah takes from the EV drivers and gives to the gas guzzlers. And when will new vehicles with tailpipes become tone-deaf? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

A cumulative 1.5 million plug-in vehicles have been sold in California, the state reported last week. It’s hit that target about two years ahead of original aims, and it puts the state well on its path to go all-EV by 2035.

In Utah, EV drivers will soon have to pay more to charge—in order to subsidize lower gas prices for those who guzzle from the pump. The state passed a bill last month that will impose a 12.5% tax on charging and cut the gas tax; these new economic incentives (and disincentives) go into effect July 1.

Also, California may soon require bidirectional charging capability in EVs. A bill moving through the state legislature would require regulators to ensure new EVs have the ability to discharge power from battery packs to assist the power grid or provide backup power—with technical details yet to come. 

And on Earth Day, Green Car Reports asked a litmus-test question for EV adoption: When will buying vehicles with tailpipes be seen as morally wrong? While the poll has closed, keep leaving your comments with the story, and continue the debate. 


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