Vinfast says that it’s delivering its first U.S.-market EVs to customers tomorrow. A study suggests that brake and tire pollution may exceed that from tailpipes. And the Rivian R1T is making owners very happy. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

New results out this morning from survey giant J.D. Power suggest Rivian is doing very well with the ownership experience—especially in setting expectations for range. The Rivian R1T, Mini Cooper SE, and Kia EV6 were among the top-ranked EVs, with the Model 3 following those. 

Vinfast has cut the lease prices for its VF 8 and VF 9, and it’s also confirmed first deliveries for the VF 8 for tomorrow, March 1. That’s after addressing several issues on its first batch of vehicles. 

A new study again points to the idea that the collective emissions from tires and brakes is a serious threat to lungs, the food chain, and more. This one, from Imperial College London, suggests that for road-going vehicles, more than half of all particle emissions came from tires and brakes—yes, more than from tailpipes.


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