Honda and Toyota owners are jumping to Tesla. Lightyear puts its solar EV into production. And Aptera confirms that it’s using the Tesla charging connector. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The startup Aptera has confirmed that it plans to use a Tesla charge port and connector—with corresponding charging equipment from Lectron—in its upcoming three-wheel, solar-supplemented EV. But since the Aptera can regain up to 40 miles of daily driving from solar energy, according to the company, don’t expect it to be holding up many Teslas at Supercharger stations.

Tesla is capturing Honda and Toyota customers at a high rate, according to a new study. Nearly 29% of Tesla buyers are coming from those two brands. Honda currently lacks any EVs in its U.S. lineup, while Toyota only offers the bZ4X crossover. 

And the Lightyear 0 is going into production in Finland, with the claim that it’s the first series production solar EV. Capable of recovering up to 6.2 miles of range a day from the sun. Production will be slow at first, Lightyear plans a run of just 150 cars, and it costs about $260,000, however.


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