BMW claims it won’t forget about affordable EVs. Bollinger chooses batteries from Michigan. And Rivian pushes some future models a little farther out as it continues to ramp up its existing three models. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Rivian revealed with this week’s quarterly business update that it has delayed the arrival of the R2, its smaller and more affordable model line, to 2026, versus the 2025 it had previously indicated. It says that the R2 platform “will unlock a global market opportunity” for the EV maker. 

According to its CEO, in recent comments cited by Reuters, BMW won’t abandon entry-level vehicles in the shift to EVs. That’s a bit different than the strategy being followed by Mercedes-Benz—although BMW has Mini. 

Upcoming Bollinger commercial EVs will have Michigan-built batteries from Our Next Energy (ONE) and its Aries cell-to-pack line. That could be a net positive as the niche electric truck maker, recently acquired by Mullen Automotive, ramps up production in late 2023 and the battery firm has a reputation to make.


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