Ford F-150 Lightning prices rise, again. Vermont will pay residents to retire gas-guzzlers and switch to EVs. And the IRS is moving fast on sourcing rules for the new EV tax credit. This and more, here at Green Car Reports

Ford has once again hiked the price of the Ford F-150 Lightning. This time, it’s another $5,000 added to base 2023 Lightning Pro models, making them $12,100—or nearly 30%—more than they originally cost for the 2022 model year. Ford says it’s supply-chain-related, and the hike doesn’t apply to those currently awaiting delivery. 

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will be fast-tracking various rules on American sourcing and the supply chain required for the EV tax credit, in its revamped Clean Vehicle Credit form, according to the Treasury Department. To do this, it’s checking back in with industry, unions, and climate and environmental justice advocates. 

The U.S. state of Vermont is offering a $3,000 cash incentive to those replacing a “high-polluting vehicle” with a new or used EV. It’s only the second state to have such a retirement program specific to EVs, after California. Instead of only incentivizing sales, should this idea of retirement, somewhat like Cash for Clunkers, be more widely applied?


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