Charging on demand comes to more cities. A new study sees the USPS electric mail-truck analysis as flawed. And which brands are impressing buyers the most in terms of tech features? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Tesla and Genesis were among the top-performing brands for advanced-tech features, according to J.D. Power, while Hyundai was the top mainstream brand. The firm singled out phone-based digital key features as very desirable features, while fingerprint readers are flubbing the execution. 

The analysis done by the U.S. Postal Service, used to justify not making its entire fleet of next-generation mail trucks electric, was “significantly flawed” according to University of Michigan researchers. The USPS study failed to incorporate huge factors such as the continued greening of the U.S. electrical grid.

The tech firm SparkCharge, which has been bringing stopgap charging to EV owners on demand through its Currently app, announced new investment and a continued expansion to 12 more California cities. Amid supply shortages slowing down charging hardware deployment, it could help supplement infrastructure that needs to catch up with booming sales.


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