Ralph Nader calls out Tesla Full Self-Driving. Electrify America adds chargers at IKEA. Could the EV tax credit reboot break WTO rules? And not even industry insiders can verify the EV tax credit is coming back before the end of the year, so buy now. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The revamped version of the U.S. electric vehicle tax credit, part of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) potentially up for vote in the House as soon as today, helps set our supply chain up for domestic battery production and many more American-built EVs. But it isn’t going to seem so sweet at first—that’s because the new legislation has no provision extending the “old” EV tax credit to purchases for the rest of the year. The only exception laid out is a binding, money-down contract to buy an EV for delivery yet this year, or buying that EV before President Biden signs the bill. You have two weeks, so get to it!

That isn’t the only detail that’s become more controversial about the bill. The European Union now claims that the new version of the EV tax credit, in its prioritization of American-made content, might break WTO rules in discriminating against European manufacturers. 

At more than 25 U.S. IKEA stores, Electrify America add more fast-chargers for the EV-driving public and charging stations for EV delivery drivers—on the way for the retailer seeking zero-emission home deliveries by 2025.

And in case you missed it, earlier this week consumer safety advocate Ralph Nader called on federal regulators to order the removal of Tesla Full Self-Driving from all vehicles. 


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