Another U.S. factory is a possibility for VW’s Scout EV brand. DC is considering putting a premium on heavy vehicles; will it affect EVs? And getting the word out about EVs is still an issue. This and more, here at Green Car Reports

Study results from J.D. Power suggest what we’ve long known: that simply getting butts in seats sells people on EVs. It also underscored that automakers still aren’t doing particularly well in getting the word out about EVs, with nearly a third of those who reject EVs doing so simply out of a lack of information. 

The District of Columbia is considering a proposal intended to keep vehicles on its city streets smaller and lighter. It would hit heavy-duty trucks and some of the largest internal combustion vehicles with a $500 annual registration fee. But will this affect the adoption of electric trucks and their heavyweight battery packs

Volkswagen is reportedly looking for separate U.S. factory sites for its upcoming Scout EV brand. And according to comments from top company executives, the brand might also sell commercial vehicles. This comes after U.S. dealerships were surprised to hear that Scout “will be a separate brand and unit within the Volkswagen Group to be managed independently.”