EVs remain the antidote for high gas prices. Expectations are high for electric RVs, but where will they charge? And the weight of bigger battery packs causes more emissions from a source you might not expect. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Bigger batteries for electric vehicles can boost range, but the latest study from a UK-based independent testing firm suggests the extra weight could greatly boost particulate emissions—from tires. 

The operating-cost advantages for electric vehicles have grown even stronger amid high gas prices, and they can now be driven at as little as 15% of the cost of gasoline vehicles per mile, an updated report from an EV industry group finds. 

Electric RVs are coming within the next few years—and as a recent study from a leading RV maker suggests, expectations are high for battery electric RVs, verging on impossible. As we’ve underscored in various ways, a whole new series of infrastructure solutions is needed. So who will step up?


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