As it gets ready to deliver the first F-150 Lightning electric pickup trucks to customers, Ford has confirmed pricing for the trucks' home backup power system hardware.

Customers wanting to use their pickups as a backup power source will first need the Ford Charge Station Pro, Matthew Stover, the automaker's director of charging and energy services, said in a LinkedIn post. The 80-amp Charge Station Pro comes with versions with the Extended Range pack, but it's $1,310 additional for those with the Standard Range pack.

Then, customers will need the Home Integration System, which connects to the Charge Station Pro. The $3,895 system includes inverter, disconnect switch, and a battery pack (yet unspecified) to allow the functionality. When the power goes out, the system automatically switches over from the grid and begins drawing power from the truck.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Intelligent Backup Power

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Intelligent Backup Power

The Home Integration System will be sold through Sunrun, with installation costs dependent on a customer's individual home setup, Stover noted. Add maybe $2,000 for installation and the full system will cost less than $6,000 for those getting the Extended Range truck.

Practically, it could turn the F-150 Lightning into a home backup power broker—providing some of the function of a Tesla Powerwall, provided the vehicle is home and plugged in. Ford is the only automaker at present that has revealed a full ecosystem to cover that scenario.

With 131 kwh from the Extended Range pack, a Lightning could be enough to provide backup power for large homes for several days. Ford is also studying bidirectional capability, and how such a system might help buffer the grid.