Range ratings for the F-150 Lightning are confirmed, and some versions go well past 300 miles. Honda plans to tweak its EVs with some extra wind-tunnel work. And is the fully electric excess of the GMC Hummer EV something to denounce or celebrate? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Ford has confirmed EPA-estimated range numbers for the upcoming F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck, and they indicate somewhat more range than previously suggested. With the 131-kwh extended-range (ER) battery pack, the Lightning will offer 320 miles in XLT, Lariat, and fleet-focused Pro versions. That’s better than the “up to 300 miles” Ford had previously indicated. 

In the shift to electric vehicles, aerodynamics are more important than ever. To that priority, Honda has announced the opening of a $124 million wind-tunnel facility in Ohio specializing in both aerodynamics and aeroacoustics—with the hope to improve efficiency and reduce wind noise in upcoming EVs

And does the size, weight, and efficiency of the GMC Hummer EV have you crying foul? Considering carbon footprint, lifetime greenhouse gas emissions, and other priorities that readers of Green Car Reports should appreciate, we looked at why the Hummer EV is a vehicle we should be welcoming, despite all the excess. 


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