Washington State has set a more aggressive target than California—shifting to EVs by 2030. Jaguar I-Pace battery packs are getting a second life in Formula E racing. And the Cadillac Lyriq now undercuts the Tesla Model Y and is arriving very soon. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

GM has confirmed that the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV is going into production next week—with arrivals due soon for the undisclosed number of Debut Edition models. It also confirmed that it will begin accepting new orders on May 19 for the luxurious Tennessee-built EV, which starts at $59,990 and now undercuts the Tesla Model Y. 

Cells from used Jaguar I-Pace battery packs are being put to use as mobile energy sources for Formula E racing paddocks, where the temporary street circuits don’t necessarily offer grid-connected power supplies.

Washington State has passed legislation that will help focus policy around a target of all new light-duty cars and trucks to be electric by 2030. Although the legislature has passed such a bill before, this time it has the state governor’s endorsement, as a link between it and a road-usage charge has been dropped. With a more aggressive target than California, it will require some fast-moving complementary policy. 

And over at Motor Authority: A new iteration of DeLorean Motor Company aims to create more than just another nostalgia trip visiting the “Back to the Future” DMC-12. The optimistic-sounding startup sees the DeLorean brand becoming a full-line electric automaker—with plenty of details yet to be filled in.


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