CATL has a battery swapping solution that it claims will work on most electric cars. EVs pass diesel sales in Europe. And how did the U.S. end up so short on lithium? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Lithium is essential for modern EVs, and the U.S. has large reserves of it. So how did it end up so lacking in lithium processing and refining infrastructure in the push to build more EVs and batteries? It’s an interesting story worth revisiting—but the short of it is, the global economy. 

The world’s biggest battery supplier has just rolled out a one-minute battery swapping solution—and an entire business around it. CATL says the new Evogo tech is compatible with 80% of global EVs now, and all global entries in the next three years. 

And battery electric sales just pulled ahead of diesel sales in Europe. It’s an important passenger-vehicle milestone—although progress in electrifying Europe’s fleet has been much slower-going in its less-wealthy countries. 


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