Prices on used Tesla vehicles have soared over the past year. VW is still trailing Tesla on EV deliveries. And the Nissan Leaf and Ariya will coexist in the lineup—but for how long if the EV tax credit isn’t re-upped? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Volkswagen, probably the most EV-ambitious of the major world automakers for the longest, effectively doubled the number of electric vehicles it delivered globally in 2021. But at a little more than 450,000 vehicles across all its global brands including Porsche, Audi, and more, it’s still at less than half of Tesla’s EV deliveries. 

According to a recent analysis, prices of used Tesla models soared in 2021, closely following a number of price hikes imposed on new Teslas during the year. 

Nissan has clarified that the Nissan Leaf will continue after the arrival of the Ariya crossover later in fall 2023—but the continuation of the EV tax credit might play a role in how long they coexist. 


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