GM has started establishing a franchise dealer network for its electric vans. Synthetic gasoline might not be cheaper or cleaner. And why did some of this year’s EVs and PHEVs not make the Best Car To Buy shortlist? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Earlier this week we announced our shortlist of five vehicles, one of which will be Green Car Reports’ Best Car To Buy 2022. And today, we took a look at why several buzz-worthy vehicles weren’t on the list

GM has opened its first dealership for the BrightDrop brand, focused on electric vans for delivery fleets. It’s following the franchise model, and a Canadian factory will build both the EV600 and a shorter-wheelbase EV410. 

And some automakers have been looking to synthetic fuels as a way of keeping the internal combustion engine alive in the future in a limited set of models, like sports cars. But synthetic gasoline emits just as much pollution as conventional gasoline, according to a report from the group Transport & Environment, citing tests it commissioned. It builds on previous caution from the group that vehicles powered by synthetic fuel would have higher ownership costs than EVs. 


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